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MINI MIRACLES was founded by two moms whose goal is to focus on the full development of children. We aim to provide a rich environment of learning elements where kids can grasp essential skills and develop their capabilities through playing and interaction.  All our classes and workshops are designed and developed based on solid theories and research studies, helping parents and caregivers be informed and engaged during the full course of the physical, cognitive and language development of their children, from newborn to preteen.

Entercomm LLC is the parent company of Mini Miracles. Entercomm LLC is dedicated to providing training to individuals who have retained their bilingualism and use such languages at a professional level. Entercomm LLC is also actively participating in promoting wellness and equality of our society especially in the medical field. Entercomm LLC is the official partner of the 1199 union to provide training to bilingual staff at all participating healthcare and community organizations in Staten Island to better serve our diverse communities. Mini Miracles is the youth division of Entercomm LL. At Mini Miracles, we mainly focus on children's language development and promoting theoretically solid parenting. Our workshops and classes are offered both in person and online. If you are interested in subscribing to our parenting blog and receiving free early bilingual education materials and lesson plans, please emails us at entercommlc@gmail.com or contact@minimiraclesny.com

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