The primary mission of the consulting at Mini Miracles is to assist others with the design and analyses associated with research or evaluation projects. Mini Miracles is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with their: research design, evaluation design, statistical analysis, instrument/survey development, psychometric analyses, data processing and database design.

Research Design

Using the optimal design to answer your practical questions will ensure that the results of your projects are meaningful and useful. Mini Miracles can support your endeavors by making sure that you have considered all of the sources of variability that exist in your design and are using the most advantageous sampling schema and analytic approach.

Evaluation Design

Conducting a high quality evaluation of the utmost relevance to stakeholders is a complex endeavor. Mini Miracles can help by guiding you in your choice of an appropriate evaluation model, assisting you with the design of data collection tools that focus on the primary objectives of the program you are evaluating, and aiding you in your choice of appropriate analytical methodologies.

Statistical Analysis

Obtaining quality results in any project is dependent on using the most suitable statistical methodologies. In addition to helping you decide what statistical approach would best help you to answer your question, Mini Miracles can analyze your data and provide an interpretation of the results.

Instrument/Survey Development

In addition to using the most appropriate analytical approach, it is also important to use high quality instruments or surveys to measure your variables. Mini Miracles can help you to ensure that your variables have been thoughtfully defined and to design valid and reliable instruments that are based on your specifications.

Psychometric Analyses

Upon using or piloting instruments, it is essential to analyze their properties to determine if they are of the highest quality. Mini Miracles can help you design validity studies for your instruments so that you can be sure that you are truly measuring the variables that you have defined. In addition, Mini Miracles can analyze your surveys with respect to their reliability and validity and provide an interpretation of the results. Mini Miracles can also conduct psychometric scaling studies, designed to scale both people and items on a common metric, using item response theory.

Data Processing and Database Design

Setting up a complex database is not always easy. Mini Miracles can help you determine the optimal way to set up your database, as well as teach you how to create new variables and recode existing variables. Mini Miracles can also assist you with data processing and data management tasks associated with large databases.