Hello Miracles is a fully engaging Mommy & Me workshop for children at various stages of language development. The class consists of music and movement, activities and games, crafts and story reading. The workshop is instructed in Mandarin Chinese, but is suitable for speakers of all languages. Learning Chinese is not only the goal, more importantly, it is the bridge to full brain development. In Hello Miracles, we will work with your little one to develop their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills, acoustic sensitivity and language skills. 


So don't miss this critical period of your child's development and come join us for a fun romping time with your little one! This well-structured curriculum is developed by psychologists and bilingual educators.



Extensive research has shown bilingualism stimulates children's intelligence and cognitive development. Bilingual children were shown to be ahead of monolingual children on both verbal and non-verbal measures of intelligence in researches from worldwide. 

More recent research has proposed the concept of “metalinguistic awareness,” which refers to the sensitivity to language. Bilingual children are more proficient in detecting ambiguity in sentences and the phonemic units in non-words. They also have greater sensitivity to intonation than monolingual children.  Metalinguistic abilities of bilinguals enable them to be even better at learning other languages.

Which class is the best for your child?


Infants starting at 3 month old, not forming words yet. 


Infants and toddlers starting to form words and babble, such as baba, dada, mama, dog, car, milk, eat, etc.


Toddlers with about 20 words at least, starting to put words together to make sentences.  


Neural encoding of pitch in the auditory brain stem is known to be shaped by long-term experience with language or music, implying that early sensory processing is subject to experience dependent neural plasticity. Recent studies in neuroscience show that native Chinese speakers are advantageous at pitch-tracking and pitch strength, comparing to native English speakers. Learning Chinese at an early age could help shape the acoustic dimensions of the brain so that people might be more sensitive to pitch of the sound.




This special Mommy & Me workshop is inspired by training for adults who have retained their bilingualism and are able to use both languages at a professional level. After interviewing each adult leaner that we have trained for the past four years, we designed this workshop under Mini Miracles to help children and their parents navigate their journey to bilingualism and avoid the pitfalls along the way.  This special workshop is offered both in person and online, To find out more about the class schedule and how to participate in online learning, please email us at entercommllc@gmail.com.

Workshop policies:


  • Due to children's short attention span at this age, all sessions will last about 45 minutes. 

  • Children must attend the class with their caregivers.

  • No Chinese background is required.