Although it is certainly possible to learn a language later in life, studies show that there is a significant advantage for those who have the opportunity to study early. Research on cognition demonstrates that the human brain is more open to linguistic development in the years before adolescence, so children who learn a language early are more likely to achieve native-like pronunciation. Evidence also suggests that an early education in one language makes it easier for students to learn another language later in life. And when students start learning a language in elementary school and continue over several years, they can more easily achieve high levels of fluency than students who do not start a second language until high school. Early language learning has cognitive and academic benefits beyond language itself, including increased mental flexibility, improved divergent thinking, and verbal ability in the child's native language.


Immersion students gain proficiency in a new language without any detriment to progress in their native language or to subject matter achievement. There’s a well-established positive relationship between basic thinking skills and being a fully proficient bilingual who maintains regular use of both languages. At MINI MIRACLES, we focus on this important period of time during a child's development and offer language learning opportunities for children from 3 months to 11 years old. A full-immersion approach is adopted for our early learner classes to create a fun, encouraging, creative and engaging environment for our little adventurers. 


​中文一 (零基础)

Students with little or no Chinese knowledge are introduced to pinyin, simplified characters, and real-life related tasks of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course takes an interactive, student-centered approach with materials appropriate to elementary school children.

Age group: 4 to 6 years

No Chinese background is required. This is a weekend class for little learners who just reach school age. Classes are available for the spring and fall semesters. 



  • $30 per session

  • $540 for the fall semester (Sep - Jan)

  • $20 registration & material fee

  • Returning student discount available. 


中文二 (会拼音,会基本汉字书写)

中文三 (学过两年及以上)

In this class, students with some previous Chinese experience will continue their language learning with a cultural scope. Through the interactive approach, students will study Chinese children’s literary, classic poem, idioms and authentic expressions. The intermediate course will help to boost children’s bilingual-bicultural cognitive competence.

Age group: 7 to 10 years

Previous Chinese learning background is required. Students are placed to either Chinese 2 or Chinese 3 base on their current level. Classes are available for the spring and fall semesters. 




  • $45 per session

  • $810 for the fall semester (Sep - Jan)

  • $20 registration & material fee

  • Returning student discount available. 

Spring Schedule 

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